Dalektable Gloves Pattern

IMAG0158Dalektable Gloves Pattern

Just knitted up these lovely dalek gloves, with use of Penswiper’s awesome chart. Hope the whovian’s out there will enjoy it




New Pictures of Lovely knitted items

So I was recently in New Mexico with family, where it is cool and Beautiful and I had time for lots of Knitting and pictures :).Thanks to my sister and mother for being lovely models, and me too of course. More to come after I get the rest of the pictures back 🙂

Pink bamboo tank top

Ruffled wrist warmers

lime sherbet lace baby blanket

Apple Hat

Apple Hat

bamboo beret

blue twist pom pom hatlime sherbet lace baby blanketApple Hat top view

New pictures!

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a delicate intricate lace shawl I knitted

So I promised new pictures of my work and here is a lovely lace shawl I knitted not too long ago. I will hopefully be posting other pictures soon of the mother’s day scarf I knitted and some adorable strawberry baby booties, as well as some feminine wrist warmers.

lace detail

And yet more inspiration :)

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so silly and hilarious would be a great gag gift

something sexy and slinky just for your fingers
looks as if it was made for a victorian alchemist
the incarnation of shoe idulgence
A timeless piece that would look lovely anywhere
Just like me this necklace is irish and almost perfect
so cute I almost want to garden, almost
I wish I was a guy so I could wear this awesome tshirt
Great for renfests I imagine
these napkin rings are very fresh and different than most of the stuffy ones I usually see

aren’t these delicious?
I think this is so unconventionally beautiful

I promise I will actually post some of my own stuff soon, but more things I love just have to be shared.

More inspiration

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Some very sexy but not raunchy lingerie


who doesnt love narwhals?

I love the vintage glam


I love orchid inspired jewelry its my favorite


If only I could dance salsa I would wear this dress


lace so sweet and perfect for spring or summer

So you can be high fashion even when you are burning off all those twinkies

I know its silly but I just think this is adorable


I love costumes and foxes, so anyone would be a sly fox in thesesexy for burlesque or whatever


I cant really tell the difference between hydrangea nd orchid jewelry but I love bothgreat for bee-ting up anyone


What’s New?

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latex but lovely

very steampunk and sexy


So I have been lax for way too long, but today I am going to start posting lots of items that I find intriguing, appealing or just as a source of inspiration. They are not made by me and I will credit the creators, I just like them :). But soon I will hopefully have many lovely new things of my own creation up, mainly just need to get some batteries in the camera but I will try.

for shooting those blasted cylons

classic short lace gloves

a very different take on the usually cliche butterfly

sexy lace

I like how the creator describes them as "sweet poetry" you can wear

an intriguing print of a mermaid abstracted

I would wear this when I was feeling crabby

I would wear this when I was feeling crabby

very s n m but still sweet

very s n m but still sweet

beautiful and exquisite if I only had that kind of money laying around

I love bunny ears especially lacy ones

I love all the detail, not the wedding part so much but the look and feel for sure

I love all the detail, not the wedding part so much but the look and feel for sure

As I study all my anatomy and physiology this just makes me giggle

I love the feel of these classy but not too uptight

remind me of the spring and the sea

I just think these are beautiful, what i would do with them I have no idea

LaLana Wools

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I will soon be unrolling a line for LaLana wools(which is in Taos, NM) specifically for babies and children. The Line is called Flora & Fauna ad will feature items such as strawberry hats with handbeading as well as bunny and puppy hats with floppy ears, there will also most likely be matching fingerless gloves and/or scarves to go with most items. Pictures coming soon!

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